What is it that moves you?

What moves us and our fellow human beings?
What fears do we have?
What do we dream about?
How do we deal with each other
and with different opinions?
How do we want to meet each other,
live together?
Where do we want to go together?

Folding Chair Dialogues

Simply talk to each other

In times of heated discussions and increasing polarisation to the point of division, in the public sphere as well as in our families and circles of friends, it is more important than ever to treat each other with respect and care.

The idea of the folding chair discussions is to strengthen human togetherness and to break through the increasing feeling of isolation caused not only by the covid pandemic but also by the increasing digitalisation of our lives.

We sit together on folding chairs in the marketplace, in a café or in another place and practice together basic dialogical attitudes such as openness, radical respect and deep listening.

The folding-chair conversations are an invitation to trust together and reflect on the big issues and upheavals coming our way, to give voice to our own visions and hopes, and also to express cynical or fearful feelings about our present and future.

The folding chair discussions are designed by all participants together. They are an invitation to continue the dialogues on the ground and to strengthen the dialogical attitude.
On this website, blogs and short video clips can be used to record the journey and the development of the conversations. The website also serves as a reflection platform and to support a sense of growing community and mutual support.

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